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The new conservatory

The new conservatory

Figura pioneers the use of fabric structures in small buildings. This extension to a cottage by a canal near the sea is the new conservatory.

The fabric roof is permanent, double skinned and insulated. It transmits only 10% of sunlight, thereby avoiding the overheating inherent in glass roofs. At the same time it provides an even glow by day and by night. The very low profile achieved with the fabric roof, meant that Planning Permission was not required. 

The roof is supported by a galvanised steel structure with polished stainless steel fittings, and enclosed by sliding glass doors. 

The result is truly a Conservatory for the 21st Century.

The new garden studio

The new garden studio

The semi-rigid fabric roof with its exposed steel structure provides the ideal solution for a highly contemporary garden studio.

The roof can be so low-profile that planning permission is unlikely to be needed in all but the smallest gardens.

The fabric roof is permanent, and fully insulated. The galvanised steel structure is anchored by polished stainless steel yacht rigging. The glazing is high-performance epoxy powder-coated aluminium. The internal blinds can be adjusted for solar control or for full privacy.

The result is a multi-purpose studio, which can be used as an office, a place of meditation, a teenage hideaway, or it can open up to the garden for parties and barbecues.

The new swimming pool

The new swimming pool

Figura designed this fabric-roofed swimming pool for a house in the Green Belt. 

It was designed to avoid the need for Planning Permission. The low profile of the roof makes this possible.

The double-skinned insulated roof, supported by a galvanised tubular steel structure, spans the large spaces with a delicacy not possible with conventional materials.

Its 10% light transmission avoids overheating while gently lighting the centre of the pool. Its opening domes allow natural ventilation. Its large eaves and wide sliding glass doors provide the indoor/outdoor experience essential to pool life.

This is the Swimming Pool for the 21st Century.

The new restaurant

Figura was asked to extend this Listed Pub.

The significance of this local landmark made the design quite sensitive.

The new fabric-roofed restaurant is fully insulated and glazed all round. It opens onto beautiful landscaped gardens, its large eaves providing the covered outdoor terraces so popular with today’s diners.

The low profile of the roof enables the extension to have minimal impact on that elevation of the pub. The contemporary nature of the design sets it apart from the old building.

The original pub is an honest hand-made medieval timber building; this is an honest high-tech modern extension.

The design was applauded by the experts who vetted it, and received Planning and Listed Building Consent unopposed.

The new restaurant
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